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A Year of Disobedience

And a Criticality of Conscience 

A PhotoDocumentary on the Demonstrations, Civil Disobedience, Arrests, and Trials of Thousands of People Against the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant

A Year of Disobedience and a Criticality of Conscience is a beautiful updated edition of the original photo-documentary on the demonstrations, civil disobedience, arrests, and trials of thousands of people against the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant during the one-year period between April 29, 1978 and April 28, 1979. 

Originally situated near Denver, Colorado the plant was a genuine threat to the life and health of millions of people and was eventually shut down after an FBI raid and a sealed Grand Jury investigation. Rocky Flats remains cloaked in controversy after a compromised Super Fund cleanup and conversion into a National Wildlife Refuge.

Includes all of the original photographs by Joseph Daniel, the original text and trial transcriptions by Daniel Ellsberg and Keith Pope, and the original poetry by Allen Ginsberg. New material includes a historical update and reflection by LeRoy Moore, and a powerful new Afterword by Daniel Ellsberg and Joseph Daniel that explores the current worldwide nuclear weapons threat, the role of patriotic whistleblowers, and the conflict between national security and government surveillance.